How to spend 24 hours in Hong Kong

Your guide to spending just 24 hours in the urban jungle of Hong Kong.
How to spend 24 hours in Hong Kong - Pat Kay Away

Hong kong has one of the greatest city skyline views in the whole world.

It’s a chaotic metropolis. A concrete jungle of hustle and bustle, filled with some of the cheapest Michelin Star eats, crazy hikes that surround the city, and a plethora of urban life to document for the keen street photographer.

There’s only so much you can do in 24 hours, but with Hong Kong being such a common layover destination, you might just find yourself with some time to spare here.

Here’s how I’d spend 24 hours in Hong Kong.

What would you do over 24 hours in Hong Kong?

These are the things I loved doing, what about you?

Let me know what you’d do in 24 hours in Hong Kong down in the comments or over at Instagram.

Happy travels.

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  • Quyen Dinh says:

    I swear I’m gonna have to write down all the places you’ve talked about and then travel the world.
    Never thought about visiting Hong Kong but it’ll be on my bucket list for sure! Thanks for the photos, tips, and food recommendations as always! 🙌🙌

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