5 of the most photogenic rock pools in Sydney

A guide on one of the most unique sights the Australian east coast has to offer
5 of the most photogenic rock pools in Sydney

Alongside with its world-class beaches, another of Sydney’s unique sights are the ridiculous amount of rock pools scattered all up and down the east coast.

These man-made pools live nestled in the natural beauty of Sydney’s beaches and cliffsides, and all along the east coast of New South Wales, there’s over 60 of them. All shaped differently, all with unique characteristics, all of them beautiful.

They’re amazing to take a dip in on a hot summer’s day, but they’re also amazing to photograph.

Tip: Use a polariser for your camera or drone when shooting these pools. A polariser cuts through the glade and reflection of the light on the surface of the water. It makes it so your images see through the water more and provides a lot more detail on your shots!

Here’s a list of 5 of my favourite rock pools in Sydney:

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