5 reasons why you need a 16-35mm lens

An absolute mainstay in my camera bag. The 16-35mm lens travels with me everywhere. Here’s 5 reasons why it should travel with you too
5 reasons why you need a 16-35mm lens - Pat Kay Blog

The 16-35mm lens is my favourite lens in my entire kit, no question.

Out of the “trinity” of zooms (the 16-35mm, 24-70mm, & 70-200mm), I find it to be the most interesting of the 3 to use, and forcing myself to use it in what others would seem to be “unconventional” ways provides me with unique results.

I always advocate for the 16-35mm lens over all others, but it certainly isn’t the easiest of the 3 to pick up and get started with straight away – there’s a learning curve.

But, if you master it, I promise you’ll never look back. Here’s 5 reasons you might want to pick one up over anything else.

Thoughts? Do you own a 16-35mm lens?

If not, you should!

For me, it’s an irreplaceable lens in my kit, and it might turn out to be yours too.

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