Japan’s golden route in 7 days

A 7 day itinerary of Japan’s best experiences on the famous Golden Route, with a twist
Japan’s golden route in 7 days - Pat Kay Away

Having been to Japan many times, a question I get asked a lot from first timers to Japan is exactly where to go and what to do.

Japan’s “Golden route” is the classic route that many new (and old) travellers to Japan take, and for good reason. The journey from Tokyo to Kyoto with a short stop to Hakone in between provides travellers with a diverse mix of urban sprawls, peaceful retreats and historic Japanese culture.

It’s still a route I find myself returning to, even by happenstance, almost every time I visit Japan. Having now explored Japan from top to bottom, discovering new locations and off the beaten track experiences, whenever I recommend a route to newcomers, I still recommend the Golden Route, but with a little twist, and it looks like this:

And that’s it!

A lightning-fast trip to Japan’s main 2 cities and some sights inbetween. 7 days is super short, but if that’s all the time you’ve got, this is the best way for a new traveller to Japan to spend it.

Before you go, here’s a few general tips for travelling in Japan.

Travel tips

Hope you enjoyed this itinerary. Feel free to share this guide with someone you know whose first time it is to Japan and let me know if you find it useful!

Happy travels.

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