The best time to visit Japan

A breakdown of my favourite times to visit my favourite country, the land of the rising sun
When is the best time to visit Japan - Pat kay Blog

When people ask me “When is the best time to visit Japan?”, I usually reply with “anytime”.

Japan is always a good idea, at any time of year. It’s truly an all-year-round destination that provides vastly varied experiences throughout its distinct 4 seasons.

Whether you’re a traveller who loves snow, or one who thrives in humidity; a traveller who wants to see beautiful nature changes, or wants to be thrown into crowds; whatever your style of travel, there’s a season and a time for that.

Of course, some periods are better than others depending on what you’re looking for, but here are my favourite times to visit Japan, and times to watch out for too.

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The best time to visit Japan

So, when’s the trip?

We all have different tastes and preferences when we travel. But now that you’ve figured out the best time to visit Japan, when’s best for you?

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  • Jarrad says:

    Great post Pat! I completely agree with summer. I’m currently in Japan and it’s ridiculously hot and humid with no respite in the evenings. Not going to hold that against this amazing country. As for Golden week, we spent it in Tokyo last year and found it okay as a base. I guess if you’re moving around a bit it would be a pain as trains and planes fill up quickly.

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