A 5 day Kyushu itinerary

With this Kyushu itinerary, prepare to experience Japan, unseen
A 5 day itinerary in Kyushu, Japan - Pat Kay Away

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Kyushu really is Japan undiscovered.

For adventurers who love taking the road less travelled, this Kyushu itinerary features an epic adventure through mountains and interesting landscapes, temples and that famous Japanese culture.

To really get the most out of Kyushu, I’d recommend a minimum of 5 days.

5 days is a good balance between having to rush around like a crazy person and taking the time to make sure you get some good light at these gorgeous locations.

Definitely hire a car when visiting Kyushu. Although Kyushu does have good public transport, with the Shinkansen running from top to bottom, some locations won’t be that accessible by bus or otherwise, taking valuable time away from your trip stuck in a bus when you could be out adventuring.

As for time of year, because Kyushu is a place of such natural beauty, I’d definitely recommend coming in Autumn, where the reds, oranges and yellows start to colour the landscape. Autumn is September to November in Japan, but the colours start last in Kyushu, and the warm tones here start from November.

That’s it!

Kyushu is an amazing destination that few tourists go to.

It’s definitely worth visiting if you’ve got an extra 5 days in Japan, or if you want to experience a side that most people don’t get to see.

Let me know if you find this itinerary useful =)

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