Everyday in Tokyo
Everyday in Tokyo from $79.00
A local fish resturaunt serving locals just outside the station. Tokyo, Japan / 2020 — On the outskirts of the bustling city, this is what you see everyday. Many people eat out almost exclusively in Tokyo, and these are the types of places they do it at. I was lucky to capture this moment after what was one of the most mesmerising sunsets I've ever seen in Tokyo.
A Tokyo Minute
A Tokyo Minute from $79.00
The famous Shibuya Crossing. Tokyo, Japan / 2019 — I've seen just about every vantage point surrounding the world's busiest crosswalk, Shibuya Scramble crossing. This one is my favourite, captured at the perfect time of year where the light shines over thousands of people every minute.
Aged Time
Aged Time from $79.00
Osaka Castle during a full bloom Sakura season. Osaka, Japan / 2019 — One of my favourite places in all of Japan to view the cherry blossoms (Sakura) in spring when they're in bloom. 
Waiting from $79.00
Playful moments at a seaside station. Ehime, Japan / 2020 — Brief, rainy moments taken while waiting for the train to arrive.  One of my personal favourite images ever, shot with my good friend @georgiarisa
In Biei
In Biei from $79.00
A lone figure walks in a snowfield. Biei, Japan / 2020 — Right in the middle of Hokkaido lies Biei, famous for its farmland. During the summer, it's awash with lush greens. In the Spring, it's a kaleidoscope of colour. In the Autumn, firey warm hues. In the Winter however, it's a complete whiteout. I was fortunate to capture this image with the figure here, as there were some tourists trespassing on the farmland (which you shouldn't do). It made for a great subject, however. 
Spirituality from $79.00
A lone torii gate sits high above town, aimed at Mt Fuji. Mt Fuji, Japan / 2019 — This image reminds me of my climb up Mount Fuji, a time and an adventure I'll never forget. Also something I recommend everyone do at least once in their lives.
Dinner Time in Tokyo
Dinner Time in Tokyo from $79.00
A salaryman passes by a local yokocho. Tokyo, Japan / 2019 — This truly is 'everyday Tokyo'. The sight of a salaryman who has finished work, potentially hunting around the local yokocho for his favourite izakaya or bar. When you walk past these places, usually filled with smoke and the scent of delicious food, you can't help but feel the warm energy from the people within them. It's part of the magic of Tokyo.
Clouded from $79.00
Mount Fuji, in the clouds. Mt Fuji, Japan / 2018 — A whimsical morning journey into the clouds surrounding the famous Mount Fuji.
A Tokyo Night Call
A Tokyo Night Call from $79.00
Tokyo Skytree at night. Tokyo, Japan / 2018 — Captured from a perspective most people won't get a chance to experience,  Tokyo is a completely different place at night. The city shines bright, bright enough to illuminate the sky, and the tallest tower in the world, the Tokyo Skytree, shines the brightest.
Mirror mornings
Mirror mornings from $79.00
The famous crow castle. Nagano, Japan / 2018 — A cold morning not quite cool enough for snow, but it wasn't far. A light breeze, but not enough to disturb the surface of the water. A colourful morning with quickly passing clouds. Ideal conditions for capturing one of the three Premier Castles of Japan.
A Kyoto Snapshot
A Kyoto Snapshot from $79.00
A Maiko in transit. Kyoto, Japan / 2019 — A true symbol of Kyoto; I was lucky enough to be able to see a Maiko (apprentice Geisha, called "Geiko" in Kyoto) on her return from her previous appointment.
Deep in Osaka
Deep in Osaka from $79.00
Somewhere in the backstreets of Osaka. Osaka, Japan / 2018 — One day, while exploring the streets of Osaka that don't have names, I noticed that so many of these streets were arranged on grids with a tremendous amount of power lines crossing every single one. Some say they're ugly and distracting; there are people who want to get rid of them. But to me, they give this city soul.
Winter Home
Winter Home from $79.00
What most of Hokkaido looks like during Winter. Hokkaido, Japan / 2020 — I wonder what life is like out here in Winter. Waist-high snow every day, the cold, the isolation. Were people happy here? Would I be happy living here? What would it feel like? These were the musings running through my mind when I captured this at 1/8000th's of a second from the window of a speeding car.  
On My Way Home
On My Way Home from $79.00
A man braving the heavy city snow.  Sapporo, Japan / 2020 — Warm on the inside, cold on the outside. It's dinner time in Sapporo, and people are hurrying from building to building, street to street, trying their best to stay out of the unforgiving snow.
Serenity from $79.00
A lone torii gate floats in Japan's biggest lake. Lake Biwa, Japan / 2018 — My favourite floating torii gate, complete with its resident eagle resting on the roof.