Photography Guide to Japan - Pat Kay
Photography Guide to Japan $49.00
A 302-page eBook detailing tips and techniques on capturing Japan’s top 50 photography locations. Complete with 120 additional locations and over 300 reference images. Heading to Tokyo too? Check out my other book – A Photography Guide to Tokyo
Pat Kay's Photography Guide to Tokyo
Photography Guide to Tokyo $49.00
Shortcut your travel planning with this eBook filled with over 40 of Tokyo’s best photography locations, complete with tips, techniques and over 180 reference images. Travelling to more than just Tokyo? Check out my other book – A Photography Guide to Japan
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Everyday in Tokyo
Everyday in Tokyo from $79.00
A local fish resturaunt serving locals just outside the station. Tokyo, Japan / 2020 — On the outskirts of the bustling city, this is what you see everyday. Many people eat out almost exclusively in Tokyo, and these are the types of places they do it at. I was lucky to capture this moment after what was one of the most mesmerising sunsets I've ever seen in Tokyo.
A Tokyo Minute
A Tokyo Minute from $79.00
The famous Shibuya Crossing. Tokyo, Japan / 2019 — I've seen just about every vantage point surrounding the world's busiest crosswalk, Shibuya Scramble crossing. This one is my favourite, captured at the perfect time of year where the light shines over thousands of people every minute.
Aged Time
Aged Time from $79.00
Osaka Castle during a full bloom Sakura season. Osaka, Japan / 2019 — One of my favourite places in all of Japan to view the cherry blossoms (Sakura) in spring when they're in bloom. 
Waiting from $79.00
Playful moments at a seaside station. Ehime, Japan / 2020 — Brief, rainy moments taken while waiting for the train to arrive.  One of my personal favourite images ever, shot with my good friend @georgiarisa
Serenity from $79.00
A lone torii gate floats in Japan's biggest lake. Lake Biwa, Japan / 2018 — My favourite floating torii gate, complete with its resident eagle resting on the roof.
A Kyoto Portrait
A Kyoto Portrait from $79.00
A geisha retreats into a traditional house. Kyoto, Japan / 2018 — Of all the images I've ever taken, this one is among my true favourites. Nothing expresses the idea and symbolism of Japan quite like the Geisha. Roaming around the traditional area of Gion in Kyoto one night, I was lucky enough to see one moving from building to building. Geisha sightings are over in a flash however, and this image was taken in mere seconds before she hurried off inside.
Rising Tides
Rising Tides from $79.00
Three torii gates float on water. Saga, Japan / 2018 — While floating torii gates aren't that rare of a sight in Japan, three in a row are. I found this shrine randomly driving past it while in Saga and it immediately caught my attention. When the tide is high, the gates seem to float above the surface, and when the tide goes down, it's a completely different scene.