Visual stories.

Travel photography by Pat Kay

Visual Stories.

Travel photography by Pat Kay

Hey, I'm Pat Kay.

I’m an award-winning freelance travel photographer and multi-disciplinary artist based in Tokyo, Japan.

As a Sony Digital Imaging Ambassador with a passion for travel and adventure, I specialise in exploring the contrast between nature and urban life, through landscape, cityscape, aerial, lifestyle, and street photography.


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Japan, well travelled.

From north to south, I've travelled more of Japan than most locals will in their lifetimes, all in search of the most amazing photo locations. Now you can travel like I did.

Photography Guide to Japan

A 302-page eBook detailing tips and techniques on capturing Japan’s top 50 photography locations. Complete with 120 additional locations and over 300 reference images.

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Photography Guide to Tokyo

Shortcut your travel planning with this eBook filled with over 40 of Tokyo’s best photography locations, complete with tips, techniques and over 180 reference images.