c&p #17: The importance of self-promotion

Self-promotion of any kind is always a somewhat tricky and delicate topic to navigate.  Read more

c&p #16: Creativity in the cracks

Creativity is like fitness.  Maybe you've heard the analogy that creativity is similar to a muscle, where we stress and break down the ...

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c&p #15: The lead domino

To-do lists are great, but often, they can feel like busy work. Why Read more

c&p #14: AI wins a photo competition and the future of photography

Well, it finally happened. A few days ago, the prestigious Read more

c&p #13: The cost of context switching

Think about a recurring multi-stage or complex task you have to do as a creative.  Perhaps the craf...

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c&p #12: A reminder to come up for air

Every so often, I get into this weird state I often have trouble labelling. It  Read more

c&p #11: Creative constraints are your best friend

In writing, there's one thing above all else that stops us dead in our tracks.  Read more

c&p #10: Artists without a Social media presence, listen up.

If you create things as a business or for a living, you mustRead more

c&p #9: Will AI replace your art? Maybe.

As a self-declared "technologist" or someone who is always standing at the forefront of many different kinds of technology, I'll admit that I've been...

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c&p #8: The many sides of us

Who are you as a creator? As a brother? As a sister? As a friend? As a co-worker? We can be...

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