#AdobeLive: Shaping light with local adjustments in Lightroom

In this episode of Adobe Live, we talk about the idea of "shaping light" with local adjustments in Adobe Lightroom
AdobeLive - Shaping light with local adjustments in Lightroom - Pat Kay

Mastering local adjustments in Lightroom is such a great set of skills to help your images stand out from the crowd.

It’s never been harder to stand out as a photographer in today’s landscape. We all go to the same countries, shoot the same locations and have very similar compositions.

What, then, separates us from each other?

Well, most of the time, aside from minor differences in composition, it’s how we edit and showcase our work that makes the most difference.

The idea of “shaping light” in post production for me is a set of ideas or a philosophy of finding the story and subject within a scene, and crafting and shaping the edit around best trying to tell that story.

It’s a philosophy that can be applied to any image, over any category, in any style. That’s because it’s a mindset with an associated set of potential actions you can pick and choose at will.

In this episode of Adobe Live, I run a masterclass showcasing the power of local adjustments and how to execute on this idea of “shaping light” in a way you can repeat again and again.


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