Introducing: My Photography Guide to Japan

My newest book! A 302-page eBook detailing tips and techniques on capturing Japan’s top 50 photography locations
Introducing: My Photography Guide to Japan - Pat Kay Blog

I wrote a new book!

If you have any interest in taking photos in Japan, you might want to check it out.

This one is a special one to me. I love Japan and I really wanted to showcase why I think it’s the best country in the world to photograph.

I’ve been working on it for literally thousands of hours. I’ve explored so much of Japan from top to bottom, east to west; I’ve seen some amazing locations and I want to share my favourites with you.

So this book is a Photography Guide to Japan that contains 170 locations in total, but my favourite 50 of those get featured in painstaking detail.

Each one of these 50 locations includes everything you need to discover it yourself, and shows you how to capture it in the best way possible.

I include the pins of each location and detailed information about it, suggestions on how to shoot it, when the best time of day and the best time of year is to come; I include hidden gotcha’s and what to expect in terms of crowds, and whether or not you should bring your tripod or if you’re able to fly a drone there or not.

There’s so much more in there but I cover everything you need to know to shoot these places, AND there’s over 300 reference images in there too so you know what things look like and can potentially take those images too.

In this book I’ve also tried to make your trips to Japan as smooth is possible, so I’ve even included notes about food and culture and festivals and accommodation and how to best travel in Japan. Hell even for fun I threw in some basic Japanese survival words and phrases; literally everything you need to photograph Japan.

To top it off, you can have all of that right in your pocket.

My Photography Guide to Japan is in a beautifully designed PDF format filled with interactive hyperlinks, so that you can have it with you everywhere you go when you travel.

I’ve put so much love into this book. I’ve put almost everything I know about photography in Japan into this book, and I sincerely hope it makes your trips to Japan so much better.

So if you want to take some great photos in Japan and don’t want to waste time researching all these places or finding out if it’s worth your time to go there, then check out my new book, my Photography Guide to Japan.

Happy travels.

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