I started a Patreon so you can learn Photography!

Level up your photography with my new Patreon membership platform!
I started a Patreon so you can learn Photography - Pat Kay Blog

Well, actually I started it about a month ago but for some reason or another forgot to mention it on the blog!

In any case, better late than never, and it’s something I’m super excited about.

I started a Patreon so that I could teach people Photography!

If you’ve been reading the blog for a little bit, you’ll know that I’ve been writing a lot about Photography here. That’s going to change.

Instead, I’ve directed all Photography, business and social media efforts towards this Patreon. By doing this, by putting it behind a paywall (it’s just $12 per month at the time of writing), it allows me to spend more time on it, write better content, create a better structure, be more thoughtful about the actual teaching of it, rather than writing it here on the blog in a slapdash manner.

As such, you won’t see any more new Photography articles here any time soon… well, I say that, but there might be cases where some content could be great for both platforms. Not sure. Don’t quote me.

In any case, if you were interested in levelling up your Photography, that’s where all the new content will be.

The Patreon is a platform focused on increasing your skill across every domain of Photography: vision, creativity, process, gear, editing, technical details etc. As well as Photography business, and even social media.

In addition, the platform is very community-based, with monthly Q&A’s and photo critiques, and a lively comment section. The response from the community has been great, and I’ve had a great time interacting with everyone.

Really, I’m putting everything I know into this platform, and if you love the content here on this blog, or love my photos on Instagram, or you just generally want to support me so that I can create more (because you’re awesome), I’d appreciate the love over on Patreon.

I hope to see you there.


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