The Postcard
The Postcard from $79.00
The classic Japan postcard shot during the Cherry Blossom season. Fujiyoshida, Japan / 2023 — I've been here so many times over the years, usually a few times a year, but this particular shoot was perhaps one of my favourite conditions I've had ever. The cherry blossoms (Sakura) were timed just perfectly. 
Growing Up
Growing Up from $79.00
A mother walks her two (look closely) children at a local temple. Nara, Japan / 2019 — One thing I absolutely love capturing is the love a parent has for their children. To be able to witness such a moment like this brings me tremdous joy and this photo is one of my personal favourites.
My Happy Place
My Happy Place from $79.00
Snow, cold, solitude, couldn't ask for anything more. Hokkaido, Japan / 2020 — One of my most favourite minimal images ever. In this location, you are not actually allowed to walk on the snow fields, however, some intruding tourist didn't seem to mind, so I caught them in the act.
Icons from $79.00
Japan, in an image. A Shinto Torii gate in the middle of the water with Mt Fuji in the background. Yokosuka, Japan / 2020 — What's more iconic Japan than Mt Fuji and Torii gates? I actually captured this off-the-cuff during a client campaign while I was in the area on location. It was one of those moments where I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time, with the right lighting. An instant classic for me.
Lost from $79.00
A quiet Winter in the middle of nowhere. Hokkaido, Japan / 2022 — As an Australian, I've absolutely fascinated by snow and have spent a lot of my professional photography career in search of it, in it, and around it. There is perhaps no better place to be right in the thick of it than in Hokkaido. This image is from a small town you've probably never heard of, in the middle of nowhere.  
Skytree Sky High
Skytree Sky High from $79.00
A Panoramic view of the Tokyo Skytree. Tokyo, Japan / 2019 — I had the very rare opportunity to view the Tokyo Skytree at a particular location very close to it, and of course, I had to do something different. The resulting panorama was super interesting to me because the extreme perspective accentuates just how tall this massive tower actually is in real life.
On The Horizon
On The Horizon from $79.00
An ending of the day, seen off by birds and Mt Fuji in the background. Tokyo, Japan / 2023 — Sunset at the train lines. I was super lucky to get a fairly clear day to be able to see Mt Fuji in all its glory. I was also lucky to have the birds joining me as I sat and watched the sun set. It's moments like this which is why I decided to move here.
Arashiyama from $79.00
A boatman ferries along the Katsura river. Kyoto, Japan / 2022 — When I think of Arashiyama, this is the image that I think of. The picturesque setting of Katsura river, and the quiet swish of boatmen paddling through it. Peace and tranquility, especially in the early morning.
Scenic rides
Scenic rides from $79.00
A man rides his bicycle under cherry blossom trees in front of Mt Fuji. Fujiyoshida, Japan / 2023 — This is my absolute favourite location to document images of Mt Fuji. Lake Kawaguchi is always such a fantastic location whether that be during cherry blossom season, in the Autumn leaves, or even in the dead of Winter.