Lugard Road Victoria Peak - the best view in Hong Kong

A better alternative to the Victoria Peak Sky Tower view
The best view in Hong Kong - Lugard Road Victoria Peak - Pat Kay Away

When it comes to views in Hong Kong, the first thing I think of is that gorgeous skyline.

It’s my personal favourite skyline in the entire world - there’s nothing quite like it and I make sure to visit Lugard Road every time I come to Hong Kong. From the density, to the colours, the varying heights and shapes of the buildings; you can spend hours there and still not really see everything. I know I have.

While there are countless vantage points around the city to explore the skyline from, most people go to Victoria peak to get their fill. And there’s a good reason why - it’s the highest, closest peak to the city (although not the highest peak in all of Hong Kong), and it’s very easy to get to.

But when you’re there, consider taking the road less travelled. While the view from the Sky Terrance at the anvil-shaped The Peak Tower is gorgeous, the best view is reserved for those who dare to wander just a little further.

How to get to Lugard Road

Approach getting there as if attempting to get to The Peak.

By Bus

You can take bus 15C from Central Pier 8 all the way up the peak, but for a more traditional (and potentially vertigo inducing) experience, consider the Peak Tram.

By Tram

The Peak tram runs from Garden road, all the way up the mountain, ending at The Peak Upper Terminus at the Sky Terrace. It’s a great, authentic experience, even with all the touristy bits at the beginning and end. There’s plenty of English signage around, but the wait time is usually 15-45 minutes.

An adult return ticket will cost you HK$99 ($12.50USD).

By Taxi

If you’re looking for a fast, no fuss way to get up the mountain, catch a taxi. From anywhere in the city, every single driver knows where you want to go if you just say “Victoria Peak” - even if they don’t speak English. They’ll drop you off at the Peak bus terminal which is just a short 2 minute walk from the main area. You can also catch a returning taxi from there, too.

Sidenote: if you’re not used to Hong Kong Taxi’s and you’re travelling in a group of 5, look out for the taxi’s that say “5 Seat”. Yeah, they have those.

A taxi ride from the bottom of the mountain to the top will run you about HK$50 ($6USD) one way, which is about the same price as the tram.

Arriving at The Peak

Entering in to Lugard Road is easy. After getting off the Tram and into the main Tower area, instead of turning right and heading to The Peak Tower where the crowd usually goes, keep heading straight into Lugard Road. Although it’s a ‘road’, it’s not a road for cars - only pedestrians.

A short, winding but picturesque 18 minute walk through the mountains’ foliage will eventually reveal Lugard Road Lookout - the best view of Hong Kong’s skyline in my opinion.

Although Lugard road winds around the mountain, the best vantage point is at the lookout. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, there’s also a rock you can climb to elevate you above all the other photographers and tourists there.

When to go to Lugard Road

During sunrise, the lookout is virtually empty, and for photographers, the sun rises on that side, so in this case, the early bird does indeed get the worm. Going for sunrise means you’ll have to taxi up the mountain, as the tram and busses don’t work at this time.

During sunset, you’ll find it’s quite busy, especially on weekends. Also, the sun sets behind the mountain. However the transition from sunset to night time is something special. The city comes alive at night - it’s truly a unique sight. It’s highly recommended that if you’re visiting at golden hour, to stay all the way through the blue hour and night. Trust me, it’s worth it.

The best view in Hong Kong - Lugard Road Victoria Peak - Pat Kay Away The best view in Hong Kong - Lugard Road Victoria Peak - Pat Kay Away The best view in Hong Kong - Lugard Road Victoria Peak - Pat Kay Away The best view in Hong Kong - Lugard Road Victoria Peak - Pat Kay Away The best view in Hong Kong - Lugard Road Victoria Peak - Pat Kay Away
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