For a lot of people, the Mavic 2 Pro is everything they’ve ever wanted in a flying camera.

When I did the Mavic Air campaign at the start of the year, that drone was codenamed ‘The Unicorn’.

Well, with the Mavic 2 Pro’s portability, durability, great image quality, I’ll just put you out of your misery right away.

The Mavic 2 Pro is the best consumer drone money can buy right now.

This – this is the real unicorn.

DJI has once again proved that when it comes to drones, they’re untouchable.

They’ve got their ears to the ground when it comes to user feedback, and every detail you could ask for, every feature that’s remotely feasible, has been added in this tiny package, just for you.

While I’ll leave the full details for the full review in coming days, right now I wanted to cover initial impressions for the most important part of a camera – flying or not – the image quality.

Mavic 2 Pro image quality

Having the Mavic Pro 1, Mavic Air, Phantom 4 Pro and now Mavic 2 Pro currently in my possesion (I’m kinda too lazy to sell the others, although I really need to now) and having flown drones for quite awhile now, I can confidently say that the Mavic 2 Pro is a mini Phantom 4 Pro in terms of image quality.

That is to say, this 1 inch sensor is great.

Dynamic range is fantastic. Highlight and shadow recovery are easily pulled a few stops either way without falling apart, and images straight out of the camera are punchy and vibrant. Hasselblad has really done a great job with the colours and contrast here.

You’ll see for yourself in the sample gallery below, teals and blues pop, while gradients are smooth and handled well.

Similarities between the P4P and Mavic 2 Pro

Having owned and flown the Phantom 4 Pro a lot, it’s almost as if they put that exact sensor and lens combo into the Mavic 2 Pro, but thrown in some Hasselblad processing on top. But what that means is where the P4P shines, the Mavic shines too. And where the P4P doesn’t, it’s not so great for the Mavic either.

What I mean by that is they both share the same aperture profile when it comes to sharpness, and they share the same noise floor too.

Like the P4P, when stopping down to anything past f8, the sharpness starts to fade fast, looking mushy by f11. And like the P4P, it’s sharpest between f4 and f5.6.

The noise floor also looks very similar to the P4P, becoming very apparent when shooting in high dynamic range scenes. It’s typical of a sensor of this size though – just don’t expect your full frame quality here.

f11 to f5.6 comparison - Mavic 2 Pro - Pat Kay Away
f11 on the left, f5.6 on the right. Maybe you can see the difference, maybe you can’t. 😉

99% of people won’t notice these things though. I only tell you these things because I know they exist, and in fact, even for me, the quality of images this camera produces is far more than enough for me – I even carry my Sony RX100VI around with me every day which has a very similar 1 inch sensor (with different processing and lens, of course) on it, and I adore it.

Nit picking aside, overall, I’m so damn pleased with this camera and this drone. It literally is everything I’ve personally asked for – a Phantom 4 Pro in a Mavic body.

I literally don’t need another drone now.

Mavic 2 Pro sample images

You can be the judge for yourself though – here’s some sample images. They’re all shot RAW and converted to jpg. They’ve had no processing done to them. No sharpness (I turned it to 0), no colours, no changes, no nothing. Literally imported into Lightroom and exported to web.

For flat, RAW images, they’re certainly fantastic in my eyes.

Look out for the full review in coming days.

Side note: I know 99.9% of you do the right thing, but please don’t steal my images. I’m providing these to you at a large resolution for your own benefit. Don’t claim them as your own. Karma is a bitch. Don’t be a jerk.

All images are shot at ISO 100. Click, tap or tap, rotate and pinch to see them in better detail.

Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f5.6 – 1/200
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f11 – 1/200
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f11 – 1/320
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f5.6 – 1/100
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f6.3 – 1/60
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f11 – 1/200
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f11 – 1/100
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f11 – 1/500
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f5.6 – 1/200
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f5.6 – 1/120
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f5.6 – 1/60
Mavic 2 Pro sample images - Pat Kay Away
f5.6 – 1/100

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  • Cris says:

    Thanks for the sample shots man – much appreciated! Was trying to find them online but… couldn’t somehow.
    ps: love your comment on stealing the images – you totally right!

  • Michael says:

    Nice work! Pat, do you have a full review on the MP2?

  • Nick Fotis says:

    Hello there,

    Very nice photography. Since I don’t have Adobe software in my Windows 7 64-bit laptop, how would I go process the RAW files from the Mavic 2 Pro? (I am considering buying one, but I refuse to buy subscription-based software).
    I looked into Adobe Camera Raw, but its support list doesn’t include DJI or the L1D-20c camera used. Any ideas?

    • Pat Kay says:

      Consider other image editing software such as Capture One, which has RAW processors in built to them. Although you can get Adobe Camera Raw, there’s no real point in doing that if you can’t process the images properly anyway.

  • richard utting says:

    I own a P4Pro also, and I’m absolutely thrilled with my new Zoom (the zoom is worth the price of entry alone and the IQ is very very much better than the original MP and an evolution on the Air, plus the drone’s flat out feature set is a great move forward – 1080 view on screen , sensors, soo much quieter etc ) but i’ve paused at buying the Pro as the image looks so very soft compared to P4Pro. However I’m starting to consider it more seriously as i might a great lens for a camera…not the sharpest one but perhaps sharpness isn’t everything – sometimes a gorgeous watercolour warmth has its place instead. The colour on all these Pro shots I’m seeing really does look special. As an owner of both, what are your thoughts here, please? And thanks in advance, Richard

    • Pat Kay says:

      So the “sharpness” on the Zoom is definitely an artificial sharpness – don’t be fooled by the look, you can always post process sharpness to look like that. The IQ on the P4Pro is very very similar to the Mavic 2 Pro, which is to say, fantastic. It’s the size and portability here that win me over to using the Mavic 2 Pro exclusively.

  • Bader Helal says:

    Thanks a lot for your review and sharing your photos with us! so do you recommend the upgrade from Phantom 3 pro to Mavic 2 Pro? and how many batteries do you suggest to buy with the drone, enough for flying and charging batteries (while flying) so to be able to work the whole day filming in different locations?

    Thank again, really appreciate your time

    • Pat Kay says:

      The jump from a P3 to Mavic 2 Pro is fairly large. So yes, based on that alone, I’d recommend the upgrade.

      Regarding batteries, I prefer to have 4. The battery life on these things is great, and the charger takes 4 batteries, plus it soothes my OCD to have every slot filled, haha.

  • Brian says:

    What platform did you use to build your website?

  • Yogesh Bedi says:

    Great review, supported by pics from the drone… What is largest print size you can make from the Pic out from Mavic pro 2?

  • Brian says:

    Beautiful shots. What ND filter are you using for these photos? Are you using your own presets in Lightroom? If so, which ones?

  • John Palmer says:

    Thanks for sharing your photography results with the Mavic 2 Pro.
    Would love to see good shots taken with the Mavic 2 Zoom also … it’s Hasselblad camera looks extremely promising.

  • @axoncandy says:

    Great story !! Thanks 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 . Next time I’m surfing and a drone whizzes by I’ll say Hi 😂 👋🏼

  • days_of_alex says:

    Amazing. Thanks for sharing the images in their original state too. Very helpful. Now if you can just give me a free Mavic then I’ll be happy!!!

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