Introducing: My photography guide to Tokyo

A photography guide to Tokyo containing locations, tips and techniques for your travels
Introducing: My photography guide to Tokyo

I love Japan.

At this point, it’s more of an obsession than it is just my favourite destination for travel and travel photography.

I feel a special love and connection to Japan in a way I just don’t feel with other countries, although every country I’ve had the pleasure of visiting has warmed my heart in some way.

It’s caused me to come back numerous times - more times than is economically sensible - 6 seperate occasions in the last 2 years alone. I’ve spent collective months in Japan, experiencing what it has to offer through the focused perspective of a travel photographer.

For me as a photographer and a lover of culture, there’s no better place than Japan, and I couldn’t be more excited to share some of my loves with you.

This guide is for you

It’s for the travellers. The photographers. The curious.

…the people who want to experience the best of what a place has to offer, and to do it with a minimal amount of research and a maximal amount of experienced recommendations.

Photography locations

I’ve documented 42 (to start with) locations of what I consider to be some of the finest visual experiences you’ll find in Tokyo and its surrounds. These are visual experiences that resonate with me across every season.

In every location, I’ve painstakingly documented not just the basics - the address, opening times, websites, maps and prices - but a description of each location and its relevant photography notes. These include tips on how to shoot it, the best time to shoot it, what you can and cannot do there and more. All of this combined with 180+ reference images means that you know exactly what to expect when you arrive at a destination and how to make the most out of your valuable time there.

These locations, sure, some of them you may have heard of or seen before. But by sharing my perspectives and tips on these locations, you might just find something useful for your next visit.

What might be more interesting for some of you though, are all the places in the guide that you won’t find on a “Top 10 Instagram locations in Tokyo” blog post somewhere on the internet (although ironically if you want mine, you can find that here).

These are locations I’ve found through the help I’ve received from my local Japanese friends, they’re locations I’ve randomly stumbled upon, they’re locations I’ve spent a significant amount of time researching. All buttoned up, just for you.

Field notes

But of course, travel is more than just sightseeing and taking great photographs.

And while this is a photography guide, I also aim to make your life a little easier by providing field notes on all sorts of things travel-related. Notes on food, festivals, accommodation, transport, culture and more.

Imagine what it would be like if you and I chatted about Japan over a beer or two. These are the kinds of observations that I would share. I’d tell you stories about why Japanese people wear masks, I’d tell you the best way to get around town, about the thing with Airbnb’s in Tokyo, and where everyone goes during Halloween.

Free updates

Unlike the generic travel guides at your local bookshop, this guide is digital.

That means it can be updated. It means that you’ll never find anything that’s old or outdated in this guide, because I can make additions and changes on the fly.

And you’ll get them for free. For life.

You can expect a couple of updates a year, especially after I’ve recently visited. I may have better imagery, more notes, better tips, maybe even completely new locations to update! This guide is never finished, and I always want to keep making a better product.

All of this is in PDF format, ready for whatever device you want to read it on. Just make sure your email address is valid.

What I hope for you

Ultimately, I hope this guide helps you better document the people, sense of place and culture of Tokyo. I hope it inspires and assists you in becoming a better photographer, and I hope it helps you become a better traveller, too.

Check out the guide over at the shop, and if there’s anything else you’d like to see in the guide, feel free to drop me an email.

Otherwise, all the best on your travels and happy shooting.

Purchase Photography guide to Tokyo here.

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